Last week there has been announcement that Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio will support Git repositories. More concretely:

  • Team Foundation Service ( supports hosting Git repository (since 31.01.2013)
  • Visual Studio 2012 will support  Git repositories with Update 2 (There is a CTP for GIT  VSIX available on top of the CTP of Update 2)
  • Team Foundation Server 2012 should include Git support with the next major release

Why Git support?

Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) became very popular and Microsoft has been considering of implementing or integrating a DVCS system for over a year. The decision has been made to use Git as a DVCS system and there willl be a full integration into the tool chain. This is a  100% GIT integration which means that we are able to connect Visual Studio to a non-TFS Git backend as well as using any Git client with the new Git TFS repository.

Will Git-TF development be stopped?

No, Git-TF and the Git repositories are two different things. Git TF offers the possibility to integrate a Git repository with a traditional Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) repository. The new Git integration instead is a complete new version control repository. This means that you have to choose what technology you are using when creating a Team Project. You now have the choice between Git (Distributed Version Control System) and TFVC (Centralized Version Control System) as a source code repository.

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