Visual Studio Search

Visual Studio contains over more than 4000 functionalities. As you know, there are many windows and menus available and it is sometimes hard to find the appropriate functionality through the menu structure. Visual Studio 2012 has now an integrated search functionality. It is located on the right side on the of the windows title.


For example, if we would like to enable line numbers in the editor, we search for “line numbers”. Now we will get a list of all functions containing our search phrase.


If we click on one of the search results, the corresponding dialog will be opened:



Search shelvesets, changesets and labels

Searching and opening source code artifacts is now unified for all different artifact types. You will find the corresponding menu entries under “Files” –> “Source Control” –> “Find”:



Pending Changes Filter in Solution Explorer

As with TFS 2010 and VS 2010 it is still possible to filter the pending changes only the opened solutions. This prevents the user from seeing and potentially checking-in other files from his workspace. This filter is available in the “Pending Changes” Hub in Team Explorer.


As a new functionality in Visual Studio 2012, it is now possible to filter the Solution Explorer to only show changed items.


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