Software engineering practices have changed drastically in the last few years. Agile practices, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Open Source and similar developments have proven their effectiveness. Microsoft’s platforms for software development and cloud computing have also embraced these concepts and are at the leading edge in their domain.

In this two-day training you will learn how software development works with Microsoft’s tools and languages. Based on a consistent sample, you will learn how to

  • setup a development environment for a modern SPA web application with the latest versions of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team Services,
  • develop cross-platform RESTful web APIs with C# and ASP.NET Core,
  • benefit from the latest developments in the Visual Studio C# IDE (e.g. PerfTips, live code analysis, CodeLense, diagnostic tools, etc.),
  • integrate modern front-end development frameworks and languages like Angular 2 and TypeScript in Visual Studio,
  • use cross-platform build- and test-automation tools like Visual Studio Web and Load Tests, Visual Studio Team Services, Gulp, xUnit and Jasmine to automate your build- and quality assurance processes,
  • create highly available and secure environments for your web APIs and web applications in Microsoft Azure with Azure Resource Manager (ARM),
  • setup a multi-stage (dev/test/prod) environment in Azure App Services,
  • learn about the advantages of the upcoming container technology Docker and
  • automate deployment to Microsoft Azure with Visual Studio Release Management.







Microsoft Schweiz GmbH, Richtistrasse 3, 8304 Wallisellen


Marc Müller